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Episode #45 – “Ten-in-One” Guitarist Stevie Coyle

Posted by on January 31, 2011

EPISODE #45 – January 31, 2011

Stevie Coyle
and his album “Ten in One”

Download standard podcast mp3 file – Episode 45
(right-click and “save as”…)

Stevie Coyle’s Website

“Hey Rube Circus Blog” interview
with CD graphic designer

Buy on Amazon

In the interview, Coyle mentioned British critics anticipating the worst
from a “concept album.” The embarrassingly ill-conceived album they
remembered had to be Rick Wakeman’s album “
But they forgot the upside: Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”,
Genesis’s “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”,
The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds”,
Jefferson Starship’s “Blows Against the Empire”,
Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds”,
just about any Alan Parsons Project album,
The Moody Blues’s “Days of Future Past”,
The Band’s “The Band”, and so many more great albums.

Wikipedia article on the Royal Lichtenstein Circus

Wikipedia article on The Waybacks

Website of the Week:

Busker Central

Stevie’s Youtube presence just goes on and on…
here are a few examples:

Perhaps because I’m playing too much
“Red Dead Redemption” just now:


The Royal Lichtenstein Quarter-Ring Sidewalk Circus


Drew Friedman’s new book




Buy on Amazon

 Full Brill plan

Legal (I think he meant “lethal”) Execution Machines
(a horror show in a trailer)

Available as a pdf download or a paper copy



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2 Responses to Episode #45 – “Ten-in-One” Guitarist Stevie Coyle

  1. WBinNYC

    Hi Wayne:

    I’ve been a longtime fan of your Ballycast podcast and finally bit the bullet and tried your website. Great Stuff! I plan to visit it regularly.

    You mentioned wanting some feedback. While I really enjoy the interviews, news and website links, I find myself fast forwarding through the music, or simply turning off the podcast. I’m sure this is a labor of love for you, but I don’t think it relates as much to the world of Carny, Side Show, and Burlesque as you think. A song, maybe two, that relate to theme of the show is fine and interesting enough. When it gets to be 20 minutes or more, you’ve lost me as an audience. I’m here to find out more about the world of the Side Show, it’s history, and contemporary artists. I’m not tuning in for a music show. Don’t mean to sound too critical. I think you are providing a great service with your podcast. It would be even better (in my oppinion) if there was less music.

    Best Wishes,

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