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EPISODE #2 – James Taylor

Posted by on November 1, 2007

 EPISODE #2 – October 31, 2007

My Guest:
James Taylor

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The feature this time is a wonderful conversation with James Taylor, writer, historian, and facilitator, publisher of SHOCKED AND AMAZED, co-founder of the American Dime Museum, and genius behind the Palace of Wonders

Palace of Wonders Youtube videos

Kinetic Carnival, the blog of Coney Island’s future


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3 Responses to EPISODE #2 – James Taylor

  1. LJW

    Wayne/Ross Ross/Wayne and James Taylor of “Shocked and Amazed”
    I really enjoyed this Podcast of Ballycast. So far I’ve listened to it about 5 times.

    In life about 5% is necessary and the rest is not, that’s why I enjoyed this so much.

    I love to read Barnum, but I must say I do remember somebody having a problem with Barnum and his Fiji Mermaid. He claimed that Barnum was “ripping off ” the Public and wanted him brought to court for doing this. It appeared in a newspaper and the Editor responded, this guy would be laffed out of Court for thinking that he was going to really see a Mermaid. That may be the only person that was fooled by P.T. BARNUM’S MERMAID.

    The Reporters didn’t believe it, the People that went to see it didn’t believe it, They even told the paper so! (although on the other hand, Scientists believed in the carcass of a Unicorn because back then, new animals were being discovered and they wanted their names associated with that)

    It’s the Story that counts. Boese has proven that we are at our most gullible when we are at our most suspicious.

    I agree with Mr. Taylor when he talks about people getting outraged about Nickle’s book and how he gives up the game. It will only be remembered by those that really care. The rest will be Entertained or think they learned something (for a Limited-Time) or Not believe it or be Offended. That’s why you always see in the Number of People Polled, People that Agree, Disagree, Disagree, are Undecided and Don’t Care.

    I take notice of Mr. Taylor’s story about the woman that didn’t pay to get into Mr. Hall’s Show and Mr. Taylor responds by saying shut up and don’t ever go ever again if you didn’t like it. Long John Nebel would say fine and dandy if you didnt like it. You called me, I didn’t call you! Rod Serling would say, this is only for those of you who believe. William Castle used these people to his advantage. I call them fake, phony, frauds and It’s the reason Ron Popiel can give a Life-Time Gaurantee

    I also like how Kieve took the stage and would hold the audience’s attention without really doing anything for as long as possible when I wrestle I love to do this and it works Incredibly well.

    All in All I agree with Ross and James when they say, this stuff still works. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE SHOCKED AND AMAZED !