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EPISODE #5 – Glasserella

Posted by on December 8, 2007

EPISODE #5 – December 7, 2007


My guest this time: Glasserella Con Carny,
Glasseater extraordinaire (along with so many other skills you wouldn’t believe)

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New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

Take a 1 pound link of smoked sausage, cut up into small bites. A cup or more each of chopped celery, onion and green peppers, plus some chopped garlic, as much as you like, and fry them gently in olive oil until they are soft. Add the cut-up sausage, three regular-size cans of kidney beans (liquid and all), and a couple of cups of water, plus a teaspoon or so of thyme, a good splash of hot sauce. Bring to a boil, and either keep at a low simmer for a couple of hours or pop into a 350′ oven for two or three hours – if you simmer on the stovetop you’ll have to stir right down to the bottom every 10 minutes or so to keep it from burning onto the pot, and you’ll have to add water now and then. The idea is that the flavors will blend and the beans will eventually thicken the mixture to a creamy but loose consistency. If they don’t thicken to suit you, puree another can of kidney beans in a food processor and add that to the mix, and serve hot over plenty of rice.


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3 Responses to EPISODE #5 – Glasserella

  1. LJW

    I listened to the Glassarella Podcast with the Glasseater Extrodinaire !
    There’s a bit of Judge Dredd / Blade Runner here.

    Glass Eating…..
    I remember that Enforcer Felliciano used to do this back in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. And Moondog Lonnie Mayne, used to do it in Los Angelos, California. Except Moondog Lonnie Manyne used to swallow live goldfish too. Uh … Moondog Lonnie Mayne was crazy.

    I really enjoyed when Enforcer Felliciano used to do it, because he really got a reaction with it! He would start by breaking a cement block with his bare fist, (which didn’t draw much of a reaction from the crowd) then… he broke a lightbulb like it was a beer bottle or something and started “crunching” it saying he was, “The Toughest Man in a Streetfight and he was never goin’ down” … the crowd went nuts!