Episode 092 – (Sort Of) Tell Me (Kind Of) A Story

Posted by on August 21, 2016

EPISODE #92 – August 21, 2016



and Chapter notes on my the third of my free YouTube DVDs

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Jay O’Callahan NASA story “Forged in the Stars”

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1 pound beef steak or lamb, sliced across the grain paper-thin OR 1 pound boneless chicken, sliced thin and bite-size OR the same amount of shrimp, shelled.

For every two people cook

1 medium tomato, skin on, in bite-sized chunks
1 medium onion, cut in half and each half quartered
1 small green pepper (or mild variety of Mexican pepper) cut bite-size

Dust the meat and vegetables with salt and pepper and (except shrimp) a very light dusting of cumin. Heat cast-iron skillet very hot. Add vegetables. Sear and toss 2-3 minutes, then remove to a serving bowl. Re-heat pan, but do not clean. Add meat and cook until well done, then remove to a separate serving bowl. Douse pan with a glass of water for easier cleaning later.

Serve on skewers with tortillas and salsa on the side if you’re using your backyard grill, or if you’re indoors using a frying pan you can assemble fajitas yourself or allow guests to assemble for extra fun. Into each small tortilla put less than you think you need of meat and vegetables, to taste, and fold just in half or into a little envelope shape. Some people add grated cheese, some enjoy hot pepper sauce or fresh salsa, some enjoy chopped fresh scallions and/or cilantro leaves.


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