“You Win the Big Stuffed Doggie!”

Posted by on September 17, 2016

92a (Bonus Episode) – 09-17-2016
“You Win the Big Stuffed Doggie!”

Download standard podcast mp3 file – Episode 92A

Episodes 87 and 88 were deleted at the request of the interviewee.
The other material from those episodes is right here
along with some half-baked opinions and new news

Eyes Like Carnivals website

Michael Sean Comerford video

Gone To The Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs Vlogs

PT Barnum – Humbugs of the World

Link to old Vaudeville Jokes

More old jokes

Mudcat.org Burlesque Comedian Jokes

Cora Vette telling jokes at the 2011 Southwest Burlesque Festival

Link to full text “Writing for Vaudeville”

(right-click link and “save as”)

Krystle Cole and her visionary art website


Link to YouTube free music tracks


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