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Episode #095 – Elephants, Cats, Giants and Music (not in that order)

Posted by on November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Elephants, Cats, Giants

and Music (not in that order)

Download standard podcast mp3 file – Episode 95

Washington POST article on Ringling’s elephant retirement

Full interview on Internet Archive


(Alias: “Jack the Giant Killer”)




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2 Responses to Episode #095 – Elephants, Cats, Giants and Music (not in that order)

  1. Dick Oslund

    Well, I started, on a rather low rung or the ladder, in the business. I was a “pickled punk” in Lou Dufour’s “ding” show.

    Next I worked as the “headless boy” on the bally for Joe Lemke’s Monkey Circus & Five in One.

    Then, I did magic and fire, for Mickey Mansion.

    Years later, I managed Tim Deremer’s Ape show..

    I’m retired after about 20,000 school shows!

    Finally, I managed a unit of Bob Hale’s Pig Racing Show for a few seasons.

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