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Episode # 22 – Show Business On Your Own

Posted by on November 5, 2008

EPISODE #022 – November 4, 2008

My Guest:
James White

Download standard podcast mp3 file – Episode 022

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2 Responses to Episode # 22 – Show Business On Your Own

  1. LJW

    I listened to most of the James White Podcast. And I wanted to respond.
    I think Ross nailed it on the head. You have to decide what’s best for you.
    You have to do what you’ll naturally be happy with. Not with what someone else decides you should do. Like the person that says,
    ” Why aren’t you like David Copperfield ? ” You have to live your own life, because your the one that has to live it. Not the person that told you to go and be like David Copperfield. They’re just going to go off and do something else anyway. After more than 20yrs in Proffessional Wrestling and Encountering just about every facet of Show Buissness imaginable.
    The name of the game is Show -Buisiness. The People want a Show.
    And the better you are at Business, the more people you are going to intrest. I can tell you, we do things different, than most in Wrestling do today, but…..We do what is traditional. What has stood the test of time.
    So it’s already proven to work. That’s why it ….works ! We do keep up with
    what people are interested in today, So it doesn’t come across as stale, it comes across as Fresh ! We have not suffered much by the Terrible Economy, a little yes, but not much. We take into account that there may be troubled times and adjust accordingly. As far as all this, and Show Buisiness is concerned I take Harry Anderson’s Advice, which goes something like this ….Believe only half of what your hear. I have been to Hollywood many times ( Magic Castle included ) and it’s a town built on smoke and mirrors. With 2 demensional sets. Don’t neccesarlily Believe the Saleries that people quoate in the paper or on tv.
    Bob Hope often said that after an article came out on his salary in print,
    he often had to call his family and friends and say it’s not true.
    Jayne Mansfield had all the trappings of Celeberty but never seemed to be happy. You can get in a position where you stuck chasing the rainbow.
    Your better off doing what makes you happy, what’s natural to you.
    I can tell you after nearly five years of mostly doing this full time,
    YOU NEED A JOB. The Government had me down as being in competition with Retired People and a few others. That meant all those other Show Biz People you see, had another Job !
    You can charge as much or as little as you want for what you do.
    It just means that if you charge a lot, that are just going to be less people paying for it. You do the math, you’ll see I’m right. It doesn’t mean your less of a person if you do only parties, as Morton Downey Jr. played to a room full of people nightly, With the most amount of syndicated channels tuning in on a Regular Basis. Do what you love and you’ll love doing it.