Episode #40 – Dr Mythsonian (Mike Melillo)

Posted by on August 28, 2010

EPISODE #40 – August 28, 2010

Dr. Mythsonian (Mike Melillo)

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“ON THE SHOW” with Dr. Mythsonian


The Dr. on Facebook


The list is free online (above)
and it’s included in my CDRom E-book:

“On the Midway”
(includes Brill’s Bible, mentioned in the podcast)
Just $11.99 (free shipping)

Brill’s Bible of Building Plans

276 pages of fascination!  A rare piece of carnival history,
now available as a separate pdf just $5.99

Carnivale Lune Bleu Website

Apparently no longer updated

Tristan Brand’s photos of Carnivale Lune Bleu

Penn Jillette interview
on BigThink

Download David Foster Wallace article
from Harper’s Magazine – (Right click and “save as”)

Symphony of Science


Videos on Youtube


The classic Ten-in-One blowoff!

Complete Brill plan from 1948
just $4 for a pdf


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