Episode #60 – The Triumphant Return of Carisa Hendrix

Posted by on December 1, 2012

EPISODE #60 – December 1, 2012


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Carisa Hendrix

Me (Podcaster Wayne Keyser)

Carisa’s FIREPEDIA article on getting more bookings

See Carisa Hendrix’s Guinness achievement

(Sorry, can’t embed video)

Carisa’s GREAT new promo video!

Carisa Hendrix fire routine

John Robinson’s Sideshow World website
(Click here or on picture to see it)


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Brian Flora’s tapes/videos are still available HERE

“…by Ken Levine” blog

Photos from “Shorpy” (click on each to see these miracles full-size!)

Main Tower, Luna Park, 1905

See what an 8×10″ glass negative can do!

Dreamland, 1905

The Big “Fighting the Flames” Show, 1905

The Helter Skelter, Luna Park, 1905

Luna Park, 1913
So who was Shorpy?

National Museum of Health & Medicine

The Museum’s website (SFW)

 Brill Pseudo Hypnotic Act

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Brill Plan “BLADE BOX”

Order from our web sales page just $4

Gracie Fields – I Took My Harp To A Party

Gracie Fields – Singing in the Bathtub

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Thanks also to The Freesound Project

and The Internet Archive


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