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EPISODE #4 – Adam Rinn

Posted by on November 30, 2007

EPISODE #4 – November 30, 2007

Adam Rinn


My guest this time is Adam Rinn, onetime Sideshow School student and now a Sideshow School instructor! He has some first-hand information about Coney Island then and now, and about teaching sideshow skills to “civilians.”

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090 – THE THING, Chapter Guide DVD “PERFORMING AT PICNICS” free on Youtube
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

089 – Razzle Dazzle, THE GAME YOU CANNOT WIN,
Chapter Guide to DVD “BIRTHDAY PARTY BUSINESS” free on Youtube
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

088 – Longtime showman RICK ALLEN (Part 2)
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

087 – Longtime showman RICK ALLEN (Part 1)
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

086 – Writer/Actor KEVIN LUKACS JR.
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

085 – MARC HARTZMAN “The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell”
(See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

084 – NICHOLAS J JOHNSON “The Honest Con Man”
(See Show Notes page) (Download mp3)

083 – DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (Halloween 2015)
(See Show Notes page) (Download mp3)

082 – ABANDONED THEME PARKS (etc.) Seph Lawless, Photographer
(See Show Notes page) (Download mp3)

081 – JIM HAND, SHOW PAINTER – (See Show Notes page) (Download mp3)

080 – HOUSE CONCERTS PT. 2 (Russ and Julie Paris, hosts)
(See show notes page) (Download mp3)

(See show notes page) (Download mp3)

078 – ZAMORA THE TORTURE KING (TIM CRIDLAND) (See show notes page)
also, Stan Freberg passes (Download mp3)

077 – FERRIS ENGLE, SIDESHOW OWNER (See Show Notes Page) (Download mp3)

076 – ERIK “LIZARDMAN” SPRAGUE (See Show notes page)
also, a return visit to “the lost city of the lizardmen” Download mp3

075 – DICK ZIGUN, the unofficial mayor of Coney Island (See Show notes page) also, Hot Dogs Download mp3

074 – TIM KELLY of the Bradley Farm Haunted House (See show notes page) also the Haunted Attractions industry Download mp3

also working “for exposure” Download mp3

072 – JIM ZAJICEK INTERVIEW ENCORE (See show notes page)
also supplies for amateur game jointees & Turkey Leg recipe Download mp3

071 – PONY DEATH RIDE (See show notes page) also the comedians of classic Burlesque Download mp3

070 – KEITH STICKLEY, author of “The Festival Entertainer” (See show notes page)
also good Youtube videos Download mp3

069 – RILEY SCHILLACI, Sword Swallower (See show notes page) also Monsterkids Download mp3

068 – BRETT COPES, Aerial acts rigging specialist (See show notes page)
also Goblin Talk, and Mallakhamb Download mp3

067 – STEVEN SANTOS, Simply Circus circus arts school (See show notes page)
also Hugo, Minnesota, the Gibtown of the Midwest Download mp3

066 – TASTE THE BLOOD OF BALLYCAST! (Halloween 2013) (See show notes page)
also Numbers stations
Download mp3

065 – ANIMAL ACTS and RIPLEY’S MUSEUM (See show notes page) Download mp3

064 – Circus Queen DIANA PHILIPS (See show notes page)
Pinky Lee and Joe Penner Download mp3

063 – Author WENDY PHILLIPS (See show notes page)
also I didn’t know I had helped Steven King Download mp3

062 – TOTALLY DIFFERENT (See show notes page) also “Magic Party” record Download mp3

061 – JOSH ROUTH of Cirkus Kaput (See show notes page)
also London pitchman sounds Download mp3

also Pickled punks in a museum Download mp3

059 – SIGNS AND WONDERS (See show notes page)
also “Mystery Spot” roadside attractions Download mp3

058 – WHAT WE HAVE TO FEAR (Halloween 2012) (See show notes page)
also “Blackstone, the World’s Greatest Living Magician” radio drama Download mp3

057 – Pitchman WALT HUDSON (See show notes page) Download mp3

056 – THE MAN WHO TAUGHT ME TO TALK (Norman Corwin dies) (See show notes page) Download mp3

055 – THE BRAGGART BROTHERS (See show notes page) also the Jam Auction Download mp3

054- Pitchman S. DAVID WALKER (See show notes page) also The “Carny Code” Download mp3

053 – GO GO AMY (Pretty Things Peepshow) (See show notes page) Download mp3

052 – Escapologist ALEXANDERIA, THE HOUSEWIFE HOUDINI (See show notes page) Download mp3

051 – WHAT TO DO WITH A BODY (Improve your stage movement) (See show notes page) Download mp3

050 – JOHN DUNIVANT of Theatre Bizarre (See show notes page)
also Elmer McCurdy’s mummy, National Fairground Archive Download mp3

049 – HALLOWEEN … AGAIN (Halloween 2011) (See show notes page)
also 1961 Girl show photos, Photographer Weegee Download mp3

048 – THINGS LOST, THINGS REGAINED (See show notes page)
also more on the Carny Lingo Dictionary Download mp3

047 – Food jointee KATHY FOUST (See show notes page) Download mp3

046 – SECRETS AND VICES (and a donkey show) (See show notes page)
also Old BILLBOARDs online, Mexican carnival photos, mentalism secrets Download mp3

045 – STEVIE COYLE and his album “Ten In One” (See show notes page) Download mp3

044 – DREAM ROCKWELL of Lucent Dossier (See show notes page)
also Bailey’s Circus winter quarters (almost in my back yard) Download mp3

043 – WAYNE KEYSER, your podcaster (See show notes page) Download mp3

042 – Fire Performer CARISA HENDRIX (Halloween 2010) (See show notes page)
also High-school frog dissection, My visit to a voodoo supply store Download mp3

041 – KEITH STICKLEY ON SPOOK SHOWS (See show notes page)
also Le Petomane (a very unusual performer) Download mp3

040 – DR. MYTHSONIAN (MIKE MELILLO) (See show notes page)
also David Foster Wallace article on carnivals Download mp3

039 – DEVONSHIRE CREAM, Burlesque artiste (See show notes page) Download mp3

038 – NOEL BENEDETTI, blogger of “Hey Rube Circus” (See show notes page) Download mp3

037 – P.T. BARNUM: THE ART OF MONEY GETTING (See show notes page) Download mp3

036 – TONY GANGI, Author of “Carny Sideshows” (See show notes page) Download mp3

035 – THE SIDESHOW AS FOLK ART (See show notes page)
also Adventurer Romain Wilhelmsen, The secret city of the Lizard Men Download mp3

034 – HARLEY NEWMAN (See show notes page)
also Eva Tanguay the “I Don’t Care girl” Download mp3

033 – JAY HUMANN (See show notes page)
also Walt Whitman’s voice, April Winchell clip, The Amazing Vanteen Download mp3

032 – HALLOWEEN 2009 (See show notes page)
also Houdini’s Last Seance, Houdini’s Voice, Poe’s rare books digitized Download mp3

031 – BAR PERFORMANCES (See show notes page)
Also Lawanda Page, Moms Mabley, Download mp3

030 – SWING SHIFT SIDESHOW (See show notes page)
also “Hubert’s Freaks” book Download mp3

029 – PROFESSOR SPROCKET (See show notes page)
also Times Square Hubert’s Museum Download mp3

028 – Sideshow performer CHRISTOPHER SCARBOROUGH (See show notes page)
also Stand out beyond simply “more extreme”, Leverage your local interest Download mp3

027 – Performer MAB JUST MAB (See show notes page)
also Oldest recorded sound updated, Recorded porn from the 1890’s,
Download mp3

026 – Sign maker CINDA (See show notes page)
also “Eefing'”, Fair food “Tornado Potato” recipe Download mp3

025 – MINSTREL SHOWS (See show notes page) also Give ‘Em A Little Extra Download mp3

024 – JEREMY WEISS, “The Shock Doc” (See show notes page)
also Schlitzie gets a grave marker and a funeral Download mp3

023 – Pitchman DON DRIVER (See show notes page)
also Misguided Opinions About Carnivals, Whole Earth Catalog Online Download mp3

022 – SHOW BUSINESS ON YOUR OWN (See show notes page) Download mp3

021 – MUSIC FOR SHOW PEOPLE (See show notes page) Download mp3

020 – Sword Swallower ALEXANDER KENSINGTON (See show notes page) Download mp3

019 – Jointee & Author BARBARA BAMBERGER SCOTT (See show notes page) Download mp3

018 – THE GREAT NIPPULINI (See show notes page)
also Gibsonton visit video, Regurgitator Hadji Ali Download mp3

017 – DOUG HIGLEY (See show notes page)
also Alessandro Moreschi the last Castrato singer Download mp3

016 – Fat man BRUCE SNOWDEN (See show notes page) Download mp3

015 – GEORGE MACARTHUR (GEORGE THE GIANT) (See show notes page) Download mp3

014 – TRAVIS FESSLER of the Pickled Brothers Sideshow (See show notes page)
also earliest known recorded sounds, Circus History Message Board Download mp3

013 – LORI MAYNARD, The Carnival Poet (See show notes page)
also Carnytown websites Download mp3

012 – DANNY BORNEO of Olde City Sideshow (See show notes page)
also, Amusement employees low pay Download mp3

011 – Ex-Carny KEVIN MORRA (See show notes page)
also “American Talkers” on iTunes, Download mp3

010 – Burlesque star LADY AYE (See show notes page)
also The Amazing Vanteen Download mp3

009 – SWAMI YOHMAHMI (See show notes page)
also the Grand Guignol theatre and Dissection in High School Download mp3

008 – JOHN ROBINSON of the Sideshow World website (See show notes page) Download mp3

007 – JIMMY ZAJICEK, veteran showman (See show notes page)
also “Circus History Message Board” Download mp3

006 – REV. TOMMY GUNN (See show notes page)
also Lucky Mojo Voodoo Supply, Bleeding Brain Jell-O Mold recipe Download mp3

005 – Glass Eater GLASSERELLA (See show notes page)
also Yahoo Sideshow World discussion group Download mp3

004 – Sideshow School instructor ADAM RINN (See show notes page)
also “Why the Carny Lingo List?” and Fair Food “Onion Blossom” recipe Download mp3

003 – GWYD & SYLVER FYRE (See show notes page)
also my background and why I do Ballycast, Houdini DVD Download mp3

002 – JAMES TAYLOR (See show notes page)
also “Shocked and Amazed”, and Kinetic Carnival Coney Island blog Download mp3

001 – BRETT LOUDERMILK (See show notes page)
also Sno-Kone and Shaved Ice Machines, and syrup recipe Download mp3

11 Responses to EPISODE #4 – Adam Rinn

  1. LJW

    I listened to this podcast twice. Mainly because I had to get the web address to Diary of a Carny. I’m going to say something here…I could wait the Bobby Reynolds 17days, but, since I’m the only one commenting on this podcast so far…it’s time. I don’t believe the Diary of a Carny, it could be a good paperback book, but I don’t believe it otherwise, for these very reasons…. A fly by night carny who is trying to avoid backround checks, is not going to put himself on the internet! Also they speak like this ( with a southern accent ) ” We would just like everybody to leave happy ” Not the type to write in a romantized style, about neon lighted signs glowing in the distance. Also, the young man who was stealing in this man’s blog, would not wait until his friends paid for their items and then attempt to leave the store last. People in security and the Carnival are familiar with misdirection. The young man would not wait to leave last…..He would be the first to leave! He would use his friends paying for their items to distract the Carny, while he left the store. There are some other reasons why this blog is a Hoax, and only I have found them.

  2. waynekeyser1

    I guess everyone ought to go see “Diary of a Carny” for themselves (link above). If I read this comment right, all carnies speak with a Southern drawl, are unable to use imagery in their writing, and don’t sometimes need to stay in the background and at other times speak freely in public – personally, I believe the “Diary of a Carny” author is what he claims to be.

  3. Who Cares

    LJW is entitled to their opinion, it is a free country after all. I would rather someone speak the truth of what’s on their mind rather than say nothing at all. Even if your opinion is uninformed. “Diary of a Carny” is my Blog, I wrote it, and welcome negative feedback, it’s a breath of fresh air after all the good feedback I got, as weird as that my sound. The Blog was started shortly before the season was to start, some of it was written in between jumps on the road. It is scattered and just the germ of a bigger story, I really need to rewrite it and articulate things better Whether it’s true or not is not the point.

    The point was to tell it in such a way that people who were not Carnies could relate, I think I have the germ of an idea in that Blog to accomplish that.

    I’m sorry it’s not better, longer, and more detailed. I’m also sorry that you think all Carnies speak with a “southern drawl”, and they are not articulate, and can’t use imagery in their writing.

    As far as how things played out in the story you describe…I was there, and I didn’t see you.

    The fact you would call it a “Hoax” is a little amusing, why would anyone want to write this as a “Hoax”?….lol….I can think of much cooler subjects to create a “Hoax” Blog. How about “Diary of a hit man”? That would be cool, but alas, I’m not a hit man, what’s the point pretending.

    Your right in that most Carnies would not have written it the way I did, not because they can’t, but because they concentrate more on the “Nuts and Bolts” of the industry, who cares about that, it’s been done a thousand times.

    Yes, I did romanticize it, but it is romantic in a lot of ways, it’s an interesting life, never a dull moment,and I miss it dearly.

  4. Who Cares

    I’d like to thank you Wayne, for having my Blog as website of the week.

  5. LJW

    It also got the most responses here.
    Still think I’m a dummy ?

  6. LJW

    I’m usually right most of the time.
    On the “Gullibility Test ” I usually score pretty high, with a small room for error. I find the error to be a saving grace. The God factor. It makes life
    more interesting, instead of dull and always predictable.

  7. waynekeyser1

    As the guy with the final say here, I want us all to keep it on a higher level. We’re not going to turn this into a mirror of the Sideshow World group, with mud flung in every post. Keep it gentlemanly or keep it to yourself – my own preference would be that you stick around and engage in discourse instead of heat.

  8. LJW

    After all, we are all human
    and not ants
    I would hate to live the life of a mechanical ant.

  9. waynekeyser1

    [In a firm, clear, emphatic tone…]

    Put … the beer … DOWN … Step AWAY from the beer.

  10. LJW

    Ok, Ok
    I that was my idea of being profound.

  11. waynekeyser1

    [Hoisting a final sip…]

    Well I don’t want to be a mechanical ant either. We agree on that for sure. After all, mechanical ants don’t get to podcast.